Women’s March Alliance is the official organizer of the 2017, 2018 and 2019 Women’s March on NYC.

Our Impact


The future is female! We provide programs and networking opportunities that help women develop the confidence they need to empower themselves and other women around them. 


We host educational workshops, courses, and training sessions that focus on human rights and women’s empowerment. The smarter we are, the stronger we are!


We host public nonpartisan events such as festivals, rallies, and marches to raise awareness and generate support for pressing human rights issues. We will not stay silent! 


About Women’s March Alliance

Rising out of the local Women’s March on NYC, Women’s March Alliance is a nonprofit whose focus is on building strategic alliances with grassroots organizations in order to provide our community with a wide range of opportunities that empower them to demand and defend their rights. The Women’s March Alliance mission is to raise women’s voices through education and activism. We will equip our communities with the tools necessary to demand change and defend our rights.

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