The official organizer of the Women’s March on NYC since 2017.

Support the Our Future

Our Impact


The future is female! We provide programs and networking opportunities that help women develop the confidence they need to empower themselves and other women around them.


We host educational workshops, courses, and training sessions that focus on human rights and women’s empowerment. The smarter we are, the stronger we are!


We host public nonpartisan events such as festivals, rallies, and marches to raise awareness and generate support for pressing human rights issues. We will not stay silent! 

Women's March

Our story began with the Women’s March on NYC. Since 2017, over 1 million supporters of equal rights have joined our marches and rallies in NYC.


Women’s March Alliance Is A Fully Inclusive And Independent Non-Profit Committed To Advancing The Fundamental Civil Rights Of Women Regardless Of Faith, Sexual Identity And Preference, Race, Cultural Or Religious Background, Or Political Affiliation. Women’s March Alliance Is Not Affiliated With Women’s March, Inc. Or Its Founders And Is Run By Grassroots Volunteers. We Do Not Support Any Organization Or Person That Is Anti-Semitic, Anti-Gay, Anti-Woman, Or Does Not Support Equal Rights For Every Human. We Welcome Any And All People Who Want To Raise Women’s Voices Through Education And Activism.

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