March FAQ

  • The Official Organizers

    Women’s March Alliance, Corp. organized the 2017 and 2018 Women’s March on NYC are the official organizer of the 2019 Women’s March as well. 

    2019 March on NYC Partner

    We are fully supported by the public. We do not have sponsors funding this event. To become a sponsor, email

  • March Mission Statement

    To provide a safe and accepting platform for supporters of equality to rally and march in promotion of civil rights for every human regardless of gender, race, sexual orientation, ethnicity, disability, religion or creed.

    Stated Goals

    • Empower every human who witnesses or participates in the Women’s March on NYC to stand up for their beliefs and their rights

    • Connect victims of discrimination, civil injustice, sexual harassment, or unfair treatment in an environment that encourages them to share their stories, receive support and know that they are not alone

    • Remind the existing government body that they report to the people and the people expect their civil liberties to be upheld

    • Bring hope to those who have lost confidence in the United States Government by physically showing them that the power lies with the people

    • Remind every American that their right to assemble, march, demonstrate, protest, and vote is sacred and only available to citizens of free countries like the United States of America.

  • Yes. A 2019 Women’s March Map website is currently being designed for 

  • All permits have been approved with the Manhattan Borough Community Affairs Office and the Office of the Mayor of New York City.

    We will march on January 19th regardless of the weather. 

    We expect the march to run from 11:00AM -4:00PM EST. 

    We are working closely with the NYPD to ensure this event will be safe and successful.

    Our route will run along Central Park West with the kickoff beginning on 61st Street and Central Park West. We will march south around Columbus Circle, East on 59th Street then South on 6th Avenue. The march will have 2 exits along 45th & 44th.

    Our information agent volunteers will be onsite to advise of the multiple after march events we will be promoting!

  • Attendance & Participation

    Fighting for equality requires the strength of all genders and all ages. All are welcome. This will be a peaceful march.

    Registration & Links

    Registration is not required but will help us communicate changes in time and location with you. It will also help us plan the safest route with the NYPD.

    All marchers who selected ‘GOING’ on Facebook or registered via Eventbrite will receive electronic notifications if the event time or location changes.

    We advise each non-registered marcher to check the event details on Facebook or Eventbrite before heading out to the event as changes to the location and time may occur.

    Group Registration/Bus Permits

    Groups of 10 or more are encouraged to register as a group using the group registration link below. This will allow us to easily distribute bus passes, route details and suggested meeting points to groups the week before the march. NOTE: It is the group leader’s responsibility to coordinate the meeting location for their group.

  • Subway: The nearest subways will be:

    • 72nd Street off the 1/2/3
    • 66th Street off the 1

    General Parking: Street parking will only be reserved for buses. Cars should plan to utilize general street parking and parking lots. We recommend taking public transportation into the City if possible. Click here for City Parking Rules

    Buses: To prevent ticketing and towing, all buses will need to post a bus parking pass in their front window. We will distribute these signs the week prior to the march. NOTE: For safety, we will only provide bus parking passes to registered groups!

    Bus Drop Off, Pick-up & Parking Locations: Bus Drop Off will be at 72nd and Columbus. Bus pickup will be at Madison Avenue, 45th Street to 47th Street. 

    Hotels: For liability reasons, we cannot recommend housing or hotels

  • We are designing them now.

    Please be aware of fake vendors. We use BonFire. All proceeds go toward the march itself. Any leftover proceed support the Women’s March Alliance nonprofit. Check us out on Guidestar

    Please note: We also have a store on RedBubble.

  • We heard your voice! Based on your feedback from our 2017 and 2018 marches, we will have a short kick-off in lieu of a rally. We are building an event designed to get you marching!

    We anticipate the kick-off to run from 11:00-11:15 (11:30 at the latest).

  • All people with disabilities are welcome to meet and march at the front of the march at  Central Park West & 61st/62nd street. There will volunteers at the front of the march to provide assistance and you are welcome to bring a friend with you.

    We will offer the following services: 

    • American Sign Language Interpreters will be at the rally point and at each medical sight. Medical tents are located along Central Park West and 61st and 72nds streets 
    • We will have volunteers to assist with wheelchair users near the rally stage
    • There will be seating near the stage
  • Our route will run along Central Park West with the kickoff beginning at 62st Street and Central Park West. We will march south around Columbus Circle, East on 59th Street then South on 6th Avenue. The march will have 2 exits along 45th and 44th.

    Our information agent volunteers will be onsite to advise of the multiple after march events we will be promoting!

    Marchers should plan to enter at 72nd street and either Columbus or Central Park and line up along Central Park West.

    Using the subway? Click here for the map.  The closest subway stop is 72nd Street off the 1, 2, or 3 lines.

  • Our volunteer sign up sheet can be found here.

    What we most need is help spreading the word. Please let everyone know we are marching in 2019 on Saturday, January 19th!

  • What to Wear:

    We recommend layering your clothing and wearing very comfortable shoes. Prepare for unexpected snow, sleet, or ice. This is an outdoor event. There will not be heaters and we will march rain or shine. We do not encourage large bags or backpacks but they are allowed.

    What to Bring:

    BE ADVISED: NYPD will be doing soft checks. This is similar to what a museum do. We discourage large bags. 

    • Water
    • Homemade posters that show who you are and express your sentiment
    • For safety and the comfort of all marchers, we request that you do not bring large backpacks or purses. In such a large crowd, smaller is better
    • Yes, you may bring an umbrella

    Posters, Signs, & Chants:


    For safety, posters and signs should be made of paper, poster board, or cardboard like materials. Holiday wrapping paper rolls can be used in lieu of wooden sticks.

    The below materials are prohibited by the NYPD as they can become weapons:

    • Wooden poles, sticks, or handles (yes, even flagpoles are prohibited)
    • Metal wires or handles
    • Bring mini-flags at your own risk. Be advised that the NYPD may confiscate

    Signs made with prohibited materials will be confiscated as they threaten the safety of other marchers.

    If you are an artist looking to collect signs post march, please contact us at

  • General Safety  

    This is a peaceful march. If you riot in a manner that causes damage to city or private property, harm another human being, break the law, or willfully disrupt an otherwise peaceful march, no legal or financial assistance will be provided. You are on your own.

    You march at your own risk. The NYPD is one of the best mobilized and well trained law enforcement institutions in this country. They will keep you and the City safe. If a serious terrorist threat is received, the NYPD will notify us and we will cancel the event.

    Equality is truly for all. Please keep in mind that you may be marching next to a group whose beliefs conflict with yours. Allow yourself to be generous in spirit and see human first.

    Available Services 

    • Information Agents will be standing on every corner to help direct you
    • Psych Resources Team (PRT):
      • Events like this are often stressful for many reasons. PRT members (all trained therapists) will be available to anyone in need throughout this event
    • Medical Team:
      • We will have a team of nurses on hand for minor injuries. A map showing the march route and locations of our medical team will be published in January.
      • For emergencies, contact 911.
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