Brief History

On January 21, 2017, the Women’s March on NYC coordinated the assembly of an estimated 750,000 people to demonstrate public support for women’s rights. Dozens of unique grassroots organizations joined this event under a shared vision that all humans are equal and deserve equal treatment. We are and have always been 100% independent from Women’s March, Inc.

Following this event, 120,000 individuals registered with Women’s March on NYC to continue receiving information about women’s rights and future events. An additional 33,000 registered to follow Women’s March on NYC on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Because of this public demand for continued information, education, and events that support human rights, the Women’s March on NYC created the nonprofit Women’s March Alliance (WMA) whose mission is to raise women’s voices through education and activism. We will equip our communities with the tools necessary to demand change and defend our rights.

Current Status

Our Board & PRESIDENT Katherine Siemionko has fought for gender equality from inside corporate America for over 15 years. Her use of education and diplomacy to promote collaboration and tolerance awarded her global roles at firms such as JPMorgan Chase & Co. and Goldman Sachs, where she served as Vice President of Business Architecture and Change Management. In 2016, finding herself pushing against an impenetrable glass ceiling, Katherine decided to take the fight against inequality in the workplace public by organizing the 2017 Women’s March on NYC. She subsequently left the private sector and founded Women’s March Alliance, a nonprofit designed to amplify the voice of women through education, empowerment and activism. Katherine is an avid traveler who has road-tripped through almost all 50 states, a poet, writer and animal lover.

SECRETARY Sulma Arzu-Brown is an award-winning Garifuna woman. Born in Honduras, she immigrated to the States at the age of six and quickly became a pillar of the New York City community. She is the author of; “Bad Hair Does Not Exist/Pelo Malo No Existe”, which was written to educate children and parents on the power and beauty of diversity. Sulma was voted Bronx Times 25 most influential women in the Bronx for 2017 and served as Executive Director of the grassroots nonprofit Garifuna Coalition, USA Inc., where she proudly advocated for the Black Caribs Garifuna people. She is currently the Director of Operations for the New York City Hispanic Chamber of Commerce and President of Sulma LLC for which she conducts book tours and corporate speaking engagements. Sulma received her Bachelor of Arts degree from Herbert Lehman College of the City University of New York and is the Co-owner/Investor of the Boogie Down Grind Café, which is the only boutique coffee shop owned by two women of color in the South Bronx. 

TREASURER Julia Coronado is a pioneer woman in the male-dominated world of economics. Less than a third of economics Ph.D.s are women, a share that hasn’t budged over the past twenty years, and the same can be said for female executives at Wall Street firms. Julia, however, is part of that small share. After dedicating five years to obtaining a Ph.D. in economics from the University of Texas, she joined the Federal Reserve Board in Washington, DC before moving to Wall Street. Despite rising to the rank of Chief Economist at multiple large financial firms, she is a witness to the fact that working hard and being good at your job does not resolve many of the workplace disparities and unconscious biasses that prevent women from obtaining equality in the workplace. As a leader in her industry, Julia is determined to use her voice to raise consciousness and empower others to do the same. She believes that through dialogue, organization and action we can move forward toward a more equal world.

BOARD MEMBER Shandra Woworuntu is the founding Director of Mentari Human Trafficking Survivor Empowerment Program and she served as the organization’s President from 2014-2015. A survivor of sex trafficking and domestic violence, she became a leader, advocate and lobbyist and was appointed by Barack Obama to the first US Advisory Council on Human Trafficking in 2015. She served as Chair of the National Survivor Network’s Speakers Bureau from 2013-2015 and as its Policy Champion from 2013 to 2016. Shandra has also been a Rehabilitation Home Counselor at AHRC, an organization providing support services to disabled children in New York.

BOARD MEMBER Freedom Shannon was born in Chicago, raised in Phoenix and currently lives in New York.  She graduated from University of Phoenix with a BS in Marketing and worked on a master’s in sustainable business practices. Currently, she’s an Account Director at Her mother, RJ Shannon, a notable community leader and advocate in Phoenix, was a leading example of how to be a voice for local and national change. Freedom applies the lessons learned from her mother to the New York City community. In addition to advocating for gender equality, she is passionate about the arts, the environment, and helping those in need. Freedom currently lives in Harlem with her 15-year old dog, Moto.

BOARD MEMBER Gregory B. Mouroux has been involved with the WMA since its beginning with the 2017 Women’s March on NYC and is one of the founding members of the WMA’s board.  Based in Los Angeles, Greg is a commercial transactions attorney for AT&T and has over 14 years of experience advising clients about corporate and litigation matters.  He received his law degree from the University of California, Hastings College of the Law and his undergraduate degree from the University of California, San Diego.  Greg has worked with non-profit organizations since 2008 and enjoys tennis, guitar, traveling, and motorcycle riding.

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