The Women’s Vote Partners:

Partnership Details:

This is a year long national coalition of nonpartisan organizations and local groups that stand in solidarity and support the mission of registering 1 million women to voter over the year. Partners may join anytime throughout the year (Sept. 26, 2017- Sept. 25, 2018). Each partner operates in autonomy and simply adds their registrant numbers to the national total.
Partners may choose to host a single event or as many as you have capacity to support over the year. Women’s March Alliance will be happy to add our partners events to a national volunteer calendar to help boost volunteer support. Women’s March Alliance will also publish a list of national voter drive theme days with corresponding marketing materials available for partners to use at will.

Partnership Agreement:

All partners agree to abide by these standards:
    • Partners will not represent a candidate or party while participating in events for The Women’s Vote.
    • Partners will remain nonpartisan and provide a registration application to anyone who requests one—regardless of party or candidate preference.
    • Partners will conduct all volunteer voter registration activities in accordance with the applicable state laws.
    • Partners will return all voter registration applications to the proper elections board or to a Women’s Vote representative within 48hrs of receiving a completed voter registration form or sooner if necessitated by state law.
    • Partners will submit their registration numbers to Women’s March Alliance by Sept. 26, 2018 to be added to the national total.